She Said, We Said

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Editor’s Note: Want to know what kind of interest our last issue generated? It usually takes 4-6 weeks to fully distribute 20,000 copies. The Lisanne Anderson cover story issue was gone in less than 12 days. Still, not everyone was happy with the article.

She Said, We Said

Texoma Living! is a very impressive magazine and my husband, Pearce, and I look forward to each new edition.  The articles are usually excellent and the photography is exceptional.  With that said, I was very disappointed to see that the magazine is now involved in a personal matter that has no business being aired to the general public. Many people have ended up in situations similar to this and there is no need to make an issue of this one person (Lisanne Anderson).  There are a number of us who were relieved to see her gone.  Her sense of “self-importance” had become very tiring to watch as she seemed to put down her co-workers whenever possible, interviewed people while making herself out to be the center of attention and displayed an inappropriate sense of humor. Texoma Living! should stick with articles that are of interest to their readers and not get involved in “back fence gossip”.
Ann Bailey
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