Four Rivers Outreach

Folks like the Horns (Jeannie and Arthur) and the other volunteers are God-sent to touch people’s lives and give them a hand up. It is so easy to let this part of our community stay invisible, tucked away on the back streets and alleys. Imagine the courage it takes to be in that room on one of those nights, and admit to all that you are a flawed human being and that you are asking both God and neighbor for help.

Edgar Thompson aka Richard Pressley

What a surprise to see the story on bootlegger and escaped convict Thompson who lived in Grayson County as Richard Pressley. Your heritage stories (good and not so good parts of our past) keep me glued to the pages! Writer Willie Jacobs’ past as a newspaper police reporter of the old school shines through in these articles. I hope you will ask him to keep writing for you.

BBQ and Beyond

Over the past few weeks our family has tried every one of the recommendations from your BBQ Joints, Shacks & Stands article. All have something special to like and two were new to us altogether. How about taking on something different like chicken fried steak, hamburgers (again), and other kind of traditional comfort food? Texoma Living! is a treat that can’t be beat.