Soup Magic

Question: What’s the difference between a “bowl” of soup and a “cup” of soup? Answer: About two dollars. Twenty-plus years ago I was joking with a waitress and asked that question. The older woman with dozens of years waiting tables and dealing with table clowns like me left the table and returned with two empty bowls: A typical soup cup, and a standard low profile soup bowl.

Roy and Trigger

George Piper, an agent with Steve Cook Realtors®, sent an email to a few friends this week with sad news about the last round up for Roy Rogers‘s beloved horse Trigger. Trigger is just one of the items to be auctioned off by Christie’s during a very public sale in mid-July. Texoma has a special […]

TLM Wins Best Magazine

Texoma Living! Magazine took first place at the annual meeting of Press Women of Texas in Bryan on June 6. Writer Ginger Mynatt took five first place awards for stories published in Texoma Living! and writer Jesse Gunn Stephens won seven awards, including three first place recognitions for articles in the magazine over the last year.

Gadget Happy

Guys love gadgets. Batteries included, plug-in, crank, or solar-powered—it makes no nevermind. I suggest that the obsession goes back to the earliest days when Neanderthal dad and his Neanderthal son played with the first small animal trap. The prehistoric rodent walks into the primitive trap and finds itself pined by a small boulder. Neanderthal dad and son grunt, “Cool.”