The Morgan House

When Patti and Mike Morgan built a home on the lake, they decided to rely on their own experience and creativity rather than on outside help. Mike has been in the construction business for forty-six years and is a real estate developer, so the experience was a given.

Animal Sanctuaries: No-Kill Shelters

Martha Hovers has been operating Arfhouse in Sadler for twenty years, ever since she transformed her grandfather’s farm into a “no-kill” animal shelter. “No-kill” means just that. No dogs are ever put down at the shelter. At last count, the facility has 314 dogs that patrol the property and greet newcomers to the gate with an array of barks, howls and wagging tails.

That’s the Ticket

“The most unusual thing was on Crockett Street. I went to mark the tires, and there weren’t any. It was sitting on cement blocks. Later I found out that the driver was renting the tires and had had them repossessed. I kind of laughed, because I was like, I know someone is watching me right now, thinking “Is she going to mark the rims?” Shoot, I thought, I’ll give this driver a break.” Sherman Parking Enfiorcement Officer, Laura Barajas

Today’s Fine Art

The meaning of fine art is blurred by the use of novel and stylistically unconventional mediums, as well as modern technologies and techniques. Changing views in society, culture, taste and education also skew the traditional meaning. I have a hard time with the term fine art in modern context. Art today goes far beyond idealized classical beauty, pure technique-driven works, and because of that, the meaning of fine art has been blurred.

Glimmer and Shimmer

When I was asked to create a spectacular room for the cover of Texoma Living!’s first Christmas issue, I wanted to design and share with the readers something entirely unexpected. Keeping my eye on the trends in elegant décor, I noticed that the home furnishings trends were flowing over into Christmas décor’ with clearer color, namely shades of blue and silver.