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Paid staff, freelance interns, and volunteers who were part of creating Texoma Living! Magazine. Note: Contributors are folks who contributed a single article. * denotes the person has passed.

Dan Acree Owner-Publisher, Writer
Barbara Akin Writer
Chef Robert Aranson Executive Food Editor
Paula Bennett Sales Representative
Angela Bodine Writer
Jenice Bolin Contributor
Kimber Bosse Writer, Photographer
Mavis Anne Bryant Writer
Gary Carter Editor, Writer, Photographer
Sean Chaffin Contributor
Chelsea Chappell-Cox Writer
Caleb Childress Intern
Shirley Clark Writer
Andrea Crowl Writer
Light T. Cummins Writer
Carol Davis Executive Style Editor, Writer
Krista Fiasco-Lowrey Editor, Writer
Kathy Floyd Senior Writer
John Frair Writer, Photographer
Brett Graham Contributor
Jerry Gundersheimer Writer, Photographer
Jesse Gunn-Stephens* Senior Editor, Writer, Photographer
Brenda Hantsche Associate Editor, Writer
Diana Niemann-Harris Contributor
Donna Hunt Writer
Willie Jacobs Writer
Gay Lawrence Contributor
Jacki Lee Photographer
Gene Lenore Writer
John Lightle Contributor
Jerry Lincecum Writer
Thom Loafman Illustrator
Alton Lynch Photographer
Patti Macsisak Writer
Dara McCoy Writer
Taylor McKinney Photographer
Jan Medders Sales Manager
Delia Mercer Photographer
Debra L. Miller Operations & Office Manager
Jim Miller Photographer
Margie Morris Contributor
Russell T. Mozingo Intern, Webmaster
Joe Munoz Writer
Ginger Mynatt Writer, Photographer
Molly O’Farrell Contributor
Stephen Olner Photographer, Writer
Mason Parham Contributor
Ellen Parsons Contributor
Robyn Raggio Photographer
John Ramsey Photographer
Darla Reeder Contributor
David Reeder Sales Manager
Dayle Roper Photographer
Ryan Sanders Contributor
Chelsea Sedlacek Contributor
Haley Shapley Contributor
Anne-Marie Shumate Photographer
Desiree Simons Contributor
Kay Skelton Contributor
Angela Skinner Sales Representative
Daresa Sofey Style Editor, Writer
Edward Southerland* Editor-in-Chief, Writer
Terry Spearman Photographer
April Spivey Graphic Designer
Shelley Tate Garner Arts & Culture Editor
Addison Terry Contributor
Mary Trantham Sales Representative
Jared Tredway Graphic Designer, Photographer, Writer
Debbie Vawter Sales Representative
Will Watson Writer, Photographer
Jacqueline White Writer
Louise N. White Sales Representative
Melissa Young Photographer
Chef Cathy Zeis Executive Food Editor, Writer

4 thoughts on “Staff”

  1. Is there anyone associated with this publication who can help me with one of your stories? The link is and I was wondering if a larger photograph was available. My great uncle once worked for the Texas Kidd Show back in the 1940’s, but I have no photographs of him.

    Thank you.

  2. I have asked former editor Ed Southerland to respond to your request. He is a good friend of the Trenton Tribune publisher.

  3. My88 year old father, who is from Whitewright, has relocated to the Austin area to live with his daughter. He has a subscription to the Trenton newspaper that is going to his former address. We are trying to get this changed but can’t get hold of anyone via the only way a could find to reach this newspaper, the phone number 903-989-2325. They don’t have an answering machine on this number so we are unable to leave a message. I could not find an Internet site for them and we are not on Facebook, where it appears they have an account. Can you help me get hold of them? Also, I am interested in potentially purchasing a hard copy of the Texoma Living book. Also, any other books on that area that you can recommend. He is feeble but likes to read. He really misses living in the Texoma area and would enjoy anything published about the history of that area. Thanks for your response and help reaching the Trenton Tribune.

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