Dinner on Deck

Sometimes it is interesting to deconstruct an idea and trace how it came to be. The dinner party afloat featured in the following pages started out a long way from the tranquility of a sleepy cove on Lake Texoma. It began in early May as an idea for a party at a yet to be found Victorian manse.

BBQ: Spoon Vittles to Top Off On

In the wide world of barbecue, the spoon vittles that come along side the main attraction depend on where you are. In the South, there is usually a cup of Brunswick stew, the everything-in-a-pot concoction originally made with rabbit, squirrel, chicken, beef, pork, corn, potatoes, lima beans, tomatoes, and whatever, and claimed by both Virginia and Georgia. The other staples are coleslaw, and crackers—for the stew— and cornbread, well larded with cracklin’s if you’re lucky.

Texoma BBQ 2009

Use these links to find stories from our 2009 coverage of Texoma’s Favorite BBQ Joints, Shacks & Stands. A reminder to call ahead to make sure the place is still open. These listings have NOT been updated. The BBQ Joint by Edward Southerland BBQ: It’s a Matter of Taste by Edward Southerland PO Sam’s Brown […]

A Little Bit of Italy

La dolce vita isn’t limited to the Seven Hills of Rome, at least not when it comes to great Italian cuisine. When we asked Chris and Amy Goedecke to host a party at their home north of Whitesboro, we decided it was time to bring our readers our version of an Italian connection.