Lemon Curd Tart

Thick, tangy, and very rich lemon curd is a standard table companion of any classic tea party. You’ll have to pay close attention while cooking to keep whisking. Your curd will be wonderfully smooth that way. Lemon curd can be served as a spread for scones or toast, and goes well with tea at any time of day. It is also wonderful as a filling in trifles, tarts, sponge and cakes. This recipe for for use in a small pastry shell as a tart.

Summer Fresh, Summer Simple

During my summer visits to Leonard, the dinner table would be bright with colors of the season, the reds of ripe tomatoes, beets, and strawberries, the yellows of corn on the cob and squash, and the greens of lima and green beans, English peas, lettuce, mustard greens, spinach and collards. I didn’t appreciate that the tomato on the table at lunch had been on the vine an hour before, and that the corn went from the stalk to the kettle in a matter of minutes.

Breakfast Texas Style

If you have guests visiting over the summer, treat them to a breakfast loaded with Texas flavor! It’s the perfect way to greet the day for guests who might not be conversant with the glories of Lone Star cuisine. Preparing this easy, quick and delicious breakfast leaves time to visit with your guests and enjoy a warm spring morning.

Smoky G’s BBQ

The principal ingredient in Gibson’s barbecue is his passion. “I love to cook, man. The coolest thing is making a sandwich, and watching someone take it back to their car and take a big bite, and then watching their face light up. It’s a cool feeling, man.”

Williams’ Old Style BBQ

White puffs of hickory smoke have floated skyward from Williams’ stand ever since he set it up. “My smokers haven’t gone cool in three years,” he said. That is a testament to the around-the-clock, long slow smoking it takes to produce enough barbecue to keep his devoted customers happy, full and coming back for more.