Smoky G’s BBQ

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With the hum and whir of a busy U.S. Highway 75 just behind this stand, Smoky G’s in Van Alstyne is no backwoods barbecue joint. It is just a stand, plopped down on a concrete pad in a Shell gas station parking lot, a lone picnic table next to the tire pressure checker.

The constant stream of traffic leads to impromptu stops for a quick bite by people going somewhere, and the travelers leave having learned what most of the locals already know. Galen Gibson makes some the best barbecue in the area.

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“I make real food, not fast food,” Gibson said. So those stepping up to his stand find that when they order a sandwich—oh, say the three-dollar rib-meat sandwich special—Gibson is going to grab a rack of smoked pork ribs and painstakingly pull a handful of meat off the ribs. Then he will get it good and hot in a pot on his stove, and load up the bun, full, pressing down on the meat to compact it and give the customer more than the usual sandwich fare. And that is going to take more than a few seconds.

For regulars like Vicki Ross of Van Alstyne, every bite of Gibson’s barbecue is worth the wait. “Oh, I’m a regular. He knows me,” she shouted over the traffic.

Before she even got to the window to order, Gibson had asked, “How many you want?”

“Just four today,” she said. Some days she may take home fifteen or sixteen barbecue sandwich specials to feed the family. “We love his barbecue. We love the sauce. We love it all,” she said with a laugh.

Gibson worked at TXU Electric in Dallas for years, and when his plant was closed down, it was time to find a new line of work. He had buddies who had a couple of “dive joints” on Lower Greenville Avenue in Dallas, and on occasions, they asked him to bring his barbecue rig down for big get-togethers.

When it came time to look for a job, Gibson’s wife urged him to go into the barbecue business full-time. That was two years ago, and today, Smoky G’s gets so much business, he often has to close down early because he has flat run out of meat. “With ham and rib meat sandwiches at three dollars, I sell a lot of sandwiches,” he said.

In his pit, Gibson uses a mix of hickory, oak and pecan. The brisket gets no rub. It’s just meat and smoke. The beef comes chunked, or what Gibson calls “chipped,” no sliced or chopped. The ribs are pork and come out of the smoker a mottled black and red and brown, with the thick smoke ring and the tasty crust.

The principal ingredient in Gibson’s barbecue is his passion. “I love to cook, man. The coolest thing is making a sandwich, and watching someone take it back to their car and take a big bite, and then watching their face light up. It’s a cool feeling, man.”

Smoky G’s BBQ
Owner: Galen Gibson
U.S. Hwy 75 at Hwy 121
across from Lone Star Exxon
Van Alstyne, Texas
(903) 815-4430
Tues-Sat 11am-7pm (or till all meat is sold)

4 thoughts on “Smoky G’s BBQ”

  1. We read about Gaylons place in Texoma Living Magazine,and tried it and are converts. Simply put the best in the area bar none. we have tried most and we will drive the extra miles just for his.
    Thanks Gaylon

    and keep on keepin on

  2. I have passed by this place as long as it has been there, but I finally stopped in yesterday and now have been there 3 times… awesome brisket sandwich.

    If I ran my own little food shack, I’d like to think it’d be like this. Perhaps that outlook makes me a little more patient than “last time’s” comment. Some food is worth a more casual atmosphere! 🙂

  3. The thing about a true BBQ stand is that when the meat is gone, you just close up shop and go home. If you want store-bought BBQ with lots of help on hand, just head on over to the WalMart and they’ll take care of you. Yes, I know it can be aggravating when Gaylon (or any other of these Mom and Pop (or just Pop) places has odd schedules. But part of the glory of being a BBQ stand owner is working when you want. Now, as to the “service” at Gaylon’s, I agree, it is sloth-like. He might not even know you are out there in front unless you bang on the side of the wagon. But even when he knows you are there, it can be a good 10-15 minutes to get your sandwich made. You’ve heard of “slow cooked,” now meet “slow served.”

  4. I agree that Gaylon makes great barbecue and his prices are good.However, I have visited here numerous times over the last 3 years…and somedays, he just doen’t even show up. I have been there as he gets there, after 12:00 and it will take 10-15-20 minutes for him to even acknowledge that some one is waiting. I have visited for the last time.

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