Edward Southerland

Edward Michael “Mike” Southerland

While the term “Renaissance Man” is often overused, Edward Michael “Mike” Southerland came close if not having fully achieved such a recognition among his many friends. Edward Southerland, known to family members and close friends as Mike but addressed as Edward by those who followed his writings in various local publications over the past 18 […]

Child Guidance Center

Help, Hope and Healing is what the Child and Family Guidance Center has tried to do ever since it was founded in 1966 by Mrs. Alma Howell, pediatricians Dr. Max Woodard and Dr. Don Freeman, and members of the Grayson County Mental Health Association.

Digging U.S. 75

Solitary squares cut out of the pavement one by one have prompted rumors that TXDOT was frittering away stimulus money by repairing twelve foot sections of highway one at a time, or even that the soil under the Grayson County roadbed was unusually unsupportive and was being studied by scientists. A grain of truth sprouts most rumors, but this time the collective wisdom is way off the mark.

Loren’s Lures Endures

Working and selling out of their tackle shop-hobby shop factory in Whitesboro, Chad and Michele Rigsby carry the mantle for Renner, and still make a 100 percent Made In America product, only now the world comes to their doorstep via the Internet to buy a better fish-getter.

Meals on Wheels

Senior hunger is on the rise, with the number of at-risk citizens expected to increase 75 percent by 2025. Texas ranks fourth highest in the nation for number of elderly citizens at risk of hunger, with rural areas being slightly more affected than urban. Meals on Wheels confronts these trends that affect the elderly citizens of Texoma.

Lightning Bugs

Running through the dusk with an empty jar, trying to catch a fleck of living light has long been a part of summer memories for children enchanted by the light show that goes on in the countryside at twilight. Called lightning bugs in the South, fireflies in the North, luciérnagas in Spanish, and mouches à feu in Cajun, the beetles of the lamprydae family are complex creatures worthy of investigation.

Hagerman Wildlife Photographers

One of Texoma’s underappreciated gems is the Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge in the west central part of Grayson County along the Big Mineral Arm of Lake Texoma. Regardless of the season, the refuge is either home or a waypoint for hundreds of species of wildlife and migratory birds.

Pirates, Soldiers, & Fat Little Girlfriends

The pirate is former Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach, the soldiers are the members of the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M, and the fat little girlfriends—well, we’ll let Leach explain that one. “I worked with a guy from Louisiana in a camp one time—he used to say at the end of drills—he used to say—‘All right, that was a good job, man.’

Roy and Dale On Sale

Roy Rogers’ (1911-1998) beloved trusty steed Trigger fetched more than a quarter million dollars at a Christie’s Auction on July 14. Trigger, the King of the Cowboys’ Palomino horse was just one of nearly one thousand items put on the auction block by the Roy Rogers Family Trust.