Hagerman Wildlife Photographers

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This article appeared in the August 2010 issue of Texoma Living!.

Friends of Hagerman Volunteers Keep a Photographic Records of Area’s Refuge

One of Texoma’s underappreciated gems is the Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge in the west central part of Grayson County along the Big Mineral Arm of Lake Texoma. Regardless of the season, the refuge is either home or a waypoint for hundreds of species of wildlife and migratory birds. It is show by nature with a bill that changes every day. Helping to chronicle the panoply of life at the refuge are the Friends of Hagerman and their corps of volunteer photographers. Texoma Living! is happy to provide a venue for some of these outstanding photographic artists to share their work with our readers.

Friends of Hagerman
PO Box 178
Sherman, Texas 75091
(903) 786-2826

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  1. How great to see that our son is a published photographer . He has outdone his Dad in Michigan . The Cardinal photo is great . Keep up the good work son .

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