Card Man Doug

The phone is ringing off the wall, comic book collectors are perusing the shelves of graphic novels, and two kids are rifling through a stack of football cards up front, in the constant bustle of the sports collectable business that surrounds Doug Coleman every day

Taking the Bit

“I don’t make a pretty bit. I don’t make a high shiny show bit. I make a working bit. Some say a bit is a bit. No, it’s not. It’s like any other working tool. You got to have different things for different horses,” Kirby said.

The Texas Longhorn

If you are looking for a Texas symbol as big as the state itself, consider the longhorns. They evolved from cattle brought to the Americas from the Canary Islands by Spanish explorers in the late 1400s and early 1500s. By the early 1800s wild longhorn cattle were common throughout Texas.

Chico Bond horse trainer

Talk to the Horses

“What you’re looking for is a partnership when you train them,” he said. “The horse responds to what you ask freely and without resentment, willingly. When you break horses, you’re breaking their will. They do the job but they don’t do it willingly. He [the horse] needs to be part of it. You need to be able to express what you want in a way the horse understands.”

Randy Sedlacek: Man of Steel

Steel holds the world together, and around the world, steel detailers—the designers who develop the drawings for most things constructed of steel—are held together by a website created, developed, and maintained in a suburban neighborhood in Denison. Randy Sedlacek began the precursor of in 1995.

John Lamb

King of Canine Coiffure

Anxiety and nervousness sometimes play a role in a dog’s behavior while it’s at the groomers, but Lamb’s persistence and consistency help ease new clients. “No muzzles here. Love, patience, and patience work 98 percent of the time. We like for a groomer to have the same dog each time, which helps them get comfortable and easier to handle. Biting is an occupational hazard, but we don’t keep aggressive dogs here.”

The Tooth Fairy’s Helper

It’s obvious that his office was designed to create ease and efficiency, from friendly staff to child-sized furnishings. There’s a flat screen television, X-Box, and a bubble wall as mesmerizing as any aquarium. In the large exam room used for simple treatments, walls showcase brightly painted murals with colors so vivid, it’s like turning the pages of a picture book. “We provide an open bay with multiple chairs for teeth cleaning and exams because children like being with other children.

The Art of Neon

Not so long ago, the nightscapes of many American cities were bright with brilliant electric signs and the rainbow hues of glowing neon. Actually, neon (Ne) is used for red and orange. The other noble gases on the Periodic Table of Elements, argon (Ar), helium (He), krypton (Kr), and xenon (Xe), are used for other colors along with phosphors and a bit of mercury (Hg). The sixth member of the nobility is radon (Rn), but it’s radioactive and not to be messed with.