Historic Elmont Farmers Market

If you are looking for really fresh, really healthy produce and homemade items visit Historic Elmont Farmers Market. Located in a vintage barn along FM 121 west of Van Alstyne, you’ll find a handful of local folks who have invested a lot of time and care into their products. FOR INFORMATION: Contact Cris Columbus (903) […]

Farm & Garden to Market

The red peppers didn’t last very long. A little after nine, Katie Livezey, who commutes every day from McKinney to her job as chef at the restaurant of the Bridges Golf Club in Gunter stopped by the barn on FM 121 in the community of Elmont, west of Van Alstyne, to see what she could find for lunch. She found the peppers and bought the whole lot. “I try to stop by every Saturday and pick up some produce,” she said. “The peppers are beautiful, so I’m going to do bratwurst and peppers today. I also got some tomatoes and onions and some of those homemade tamales. The tamales are for me though, not the restaurant.”

Get on the Bus

You know a thing or two about road trips when you’ve been planning them for thirty years. On Vickie White’s first charted motor coach excursion nearly that long ago she took a group of seniors, not the ones in high school, to St. Augustine Texas. The bus made an unusual three stops for ice of all things.

Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, just off US Hwy 26, is just seven miles from DFW Airport. Located on 52 acres the place has plenty of “wow factor.” Pulling into the parking area, a question came from the backseat, “Is that a space ship?” From seeing the pictures on the hotel’s website I knew that the “space ship” was just one of the four big water slides.

Road Trip!

Want to know how important bees are to the production of food? See for yourself in the Heard Museum’s Living Lab. Watch the busy bees come and go (they have access to the outside, but not to the visitor area) and make honey in a series of very active hives.

Texoma’s Agra Tourism

If you Google “Texas tourist attractions” you will discover advertisements for major cities, theme parks, outlet malls and more. However, the tourism tides are changing, and your common tourist attraction has new competition called agritourism. While they may not feature roller coasters, the fully loaded you-pick farms of Texoma, Bailey’s Berry Patch, […]

Lake Texoma Getaways

Lake Texoma isn’t like many other resort areas—on our lake when it gets cold, people still hit the water—only skiing and sailing are replaced by fishing. Some of the best striper catches are in the coldest parts of the winter and guides do a big business with locals and out-of-towners alike.

Travel in Style

Too cool to be comfy? It’s no road hog, but it will get you there and make you the talk of the campground. Called the Basecamp,® this retro styled pull-behind is the progeny of Airstream, Nissan Design America and outdoor outfitter Kelty.