Bluebonnets and More

Roadside flowers are the glory of Texomaland throughout the whole warm season. Some of the most handsome are so common that we think of them as weeds or don’t notice them at all. But if you watch closely as summer winds down and fall tunes up for the year’s last performance, you may witness some of the most beautiful native flowers of all.

Young Men with Horns

Jazz is hot. For the first time since three-chord rockers took over the popular music scene five decades ago, jazz is in resurgence with those young men, and women as well. High school jazz bands are knocking out licks sweet and hot in Sherman, Denison, Pottsboro and other schools in the area, so it seems appropriate that a new opportunity to further their musical education is coming to town.

Texoma Regional Blood Center

An average man of 180 pounds has about 10 to 11.5 pints of blood in his body, the average woman, a little less. If you live at high altitudes, you have more blood, as much as 4.7 pints more. A greater volume is needed as the air at higher altitudes holds less oxygen. A new-born baby weighing eight pounds only has about eight ounces of blood.

Life at the Top

“It’s really a whole-body workout. I mean it’s a Stair-Stepper from hell. You work your calves, arms, thighs, I mean everything. You’re climbing completely vertical, lifting your own body weight. If you put on thirty pounds of safety equipment, plus the weight of the tools, and the different parts you have to carry, it may add two hundred extra pounds slung all over your body. So yeah, we get our workout.”

My Best Christmas

Right after my eighth birthday in January, I began to long secretly for a bicycle. I watched with envy as the older kids whizzed about the neighborhood on their brightly colored beauties, with names emblazoned on the fork—Schwinn, Roadmaster, Raleigh. They were like thoroughbred horses, sleek and fast and beautiful.

Warren Leruth: Genius in the Kitchen

Leruth thought there was a need for a place where businessmen could conduct transactions in relative privacy, where the globehopping air force officers from Perrin could romance their ladies, where young lawyers could see and be seen, and where doctors and their wives could spend a quiet evening away from endless demands.

Nervous About Public Speaking? Join the Club.

“Before, I never could remember the end of a joke,” said Mary Smith. “But now I can tell a joke and remember the whole thing.” Because Smith occasionally presents programs to large groups as part of her job with the Texoma Council of Governments, her supervisor urged her to join the Toastmasters to improve her public speaking skills.

Odds Are

The odds of winning reveal FOB has only a 1-in-100,000 chance to win a cool prize. More encouraging was the claim that we had a 99,997-in-100,000 chance to win $2. Not even FOB will drive 45 minutes to get $2—not with the price of gas what it is.