Glimmer and Shimmer

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You might expect to see this mostly monochromatic look in a New York City penthouse, but it seems the glitz and glamour style of the 30s and 40s may be due for a return this next year to homes, much closer to home.

Every season the fashion and color experts pronounce the coming trends and for 2010 it looks as if simplicity and sophistication will dominate. One of the biggest gambles taken by furniture buyers and interior decorators is attempting to forecast the marketplace—and evolving tastes of the American consumer.

As the owner of a well-known retail design store, I have come to know what customers expect to see and what they prefer to purchase from our well appointed room settings. But this year I decided to show something entirely different from the usual collection of luxurious fabrics in earth tones and larger scaled ornate furnishings.

When I was asked to create a spectacular room for the cover of Texoma Living!’s first Christmas issue, I wanted to design and share with the readers something entirely unexpected. Keeping my eye on the trends in elegant décor, I noticed that the home furnishings trends were flowing over into Christmas décor’ with clearer color, namely shades of blue and silver. As I would visit with a number of wholesale suppliers across the country this past summer, I began to see a style emerging that might be something very different for our readers and I was enlightened and excited about the change we had embraced and purchased for this room setting.

The Christmas tree set the tone for the room. Elegant in silver and a spa like shade of blue, it is adorned with ice crystals made from faceted glass, wire beaded garlands, sparkling baubles, and other delicate looking hanging decorations that resulted in a shimmering focal point of our dining room showroom.

Silver pheasants are perched on limbs and silver toned script messages, “Silent Night,” “Merry Christmas,” and “Joy to the World” send greetings of good cheer to all who pass by.

At the center of the room is a simple, yet rich and elegantly appointed round dining table, the perfect shape and size for great conversation. Surrounded by classic black/brown leather chairs with silver upholstery tacking  accent, and dark mahogany wood legs they reflect the style of the 18th century brought up to date. The shine of the glossy wood table top is allowed to be seen and set a contrasting background for the shimmering silver decorations.


See our cover photo in person at Interior HomeStore, Sherman.

Curves dominate the room—chair backs lean ever so gently backward, mirrored accents and shiny surfaces are juxtaposed against the dark wood furniture.
If you would like to see this year’s cover up close and in person come visit the showroom any time between now and when the last treasure is bought and beautifully displayed in a home of its own. And thanks to Texoma Living! Magazine for giving us this assignment to create something special for Texoma’s best-read publication.

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