Quilting reaches back before recorded history. Quilts were made in the shadows of the Pyramids. In America, though quilts are often associated with Colonial times, they were actually rather rare. Early American homemakers had their hands full with spinning, weaving, and sewing and had little time for quilting.

Pump Up

Judges at bodybuilding competitions look for models with the most symmetry in their physique, for physical size, and for the least amount of body fat. To stay lean, Teamann diets for eight weeks prior to competitions, noting that, “It takes years to perfect the right diet for competitions.”

Joetta Cotton Makes Things Happen

In 1978, the Cottons moved to Chickasha, Oklahoma, Ronald’s home town. Joetta worked as a secretary in an oil field company. When the oil business went bust, she landed a job in the Chickasha Library as an administrative assistant and loved it. She took library science classes and completed a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and soon became the Library Director.

Urban Sherman Alive and Well

But the Hot Summer Nights events, like others in Texoma, remind us that we are part of a society. I for one am proud to be part of a community that celebrates itself with awesome programs like this. If you haven’t been, come down and take a look, grab a hot dog, and join in the fun. Its bound to be better than Thursday night TV. But even if its not, just TiVo it!

Rancho Sereno

Located on FM 678, between Whitesboro and Callisburg, Rancho Sereno: The Inn at Sandy Creek sits quietly along a winding road behind tall trees. Behind the eight foot Austin stone walls and gated entry, Mike and Lisa Mayberry have developed a spectacular place for rest and relaxation.

Dream Home

The couple had a wish list for their perfect home. They wanted a master suite addition, an enlarged kitchen, a pantry and a laundry room, as well as a den with room for a television that Lawrence could call his own private space. Peggy drew plans to divide the existing large master bedroom into a pantry for the expanded kitchen, a guest bedroom, a utility room, and a hallway to access the new master bedroom suite that would be added onto the rear of the house. After several meetings they finalized the plans to start construction.