Urban Sherman Alive and Well

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Father and son tossing football. Retiree walking terrier. High-school sweethearts loitering on the steps of Kidd-Key. Deep-belly giggling of children sliding down the hill on cardboard boxes. Bicycle cops (just like Central Park or Boston Common!) And in the background—polka!

I attended my first Hot Summer Nights concert a couple of weeks ago. As an activist for the re-development of Urban Sherman, I was overwhelmed at the success of the event. Shermanites of all ages, creeds, and colors doing every possible activity imaginable descended on our “central park”- the Municipal Lawn in the city’s center to see and be seen and take advantage of this phenomenal event.

Across America over the last half-century, suburban development has led to increased social isolation. We tend to go from our enclosed house to our three-car garage into our enclosed car and drive alone to our enclosed office on the periphery of town. We don’t interact with as many people as we used to.

But the Hot Summer Nights events, like others in Texoma, remind us that we are part of a society. I for one am proud to be part of a community that celebrates itself with awesome programs like this. If you haven’t been, come down and take a look, grab a hot dog, and join in the fun. Its bound to be better than Thursday night TV. But even if its not, just TiVo it!


Find more events on TEXOMAEVENTS.COM


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