That’s the Ticket

“The most unusual thing was on Crockett Street. I went to mark the tires, and there weren’t any. It was sitting on cement blocks. Later I found out that the driver was renting the tires and had had them repossessed. I kind of laughed, because I was like, I know someone is watching me right now, thinking “Is she going to mark the rims?” Shoot, I thought, I’ll give this driver a break.” Sherman Parking Enfiorcement Officer, Laura Barajas

Ashburn’s Ice Cream

From Ashburn’s Ice Cream’s beginnings in 1907 until well after World War II, almost all ice cream was local and made in small batches to satisfy one day’s worth of customers. Its local flavor meant that local tastes became accustomed to unique offerings, not the uniformed sameness of mass-produced ice cream.

Local Art by Shelley Tate Garner

The early fall promises many opportunities for local artists all over the area. Get out and rub shoulders with Texoma’s creative forces at the Salute to Member Artists Exhibit at Bonham’s Creative Arts Center on September 15 during their Meet the Artist Night. In Sherman, artists from all over the area convene at the Sherman […]

Nervous About Public Speaking? Join the Club.

“Before, I never could remember the end of a joke,” said Mary Smith. “But now I can tell a joke and remember the whole thing.” Because Smith occasionally presents programs to large groups as part of her job with the Texoma Council of Governments, her supervisor urged her to join the Toastmasters to improve her public speaking skills.

Quilting Queens

Goldsmith and Jenkins are superstars in the world of quilts. “They call us the ‘cake girls’,” said Jenkins. “People know us because we’ve done a lot of TV. We can be in a crowded room and people will recognize our voices—from our DVDs.”

Urban Sherman Alive and Well

But the Hot Summer Nights events, like others in Texoma, remind us that we are part of a society. I for one am proud to be part of a community that celebrates itself with awesome programs like this. If you haven’t been, come down and take a look, grab a hot dog, and join in the fun. Its bound to be better than Thursday night TV. But even if its not, just TiVo it!

Dr. Caskey Orthodontics

Dr. Jim Caskey

It doesn’t look like a medical office, outside or in. The building is set back off East Lamberth in a cluster of trees, and if given only a passing glance, it could be mistaken for a residence. Just inside the front door is the old waiting room. It looks like what it is, or perhaps “was,” as no one uses it much anymore.