Summer Camp

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Depending on your own personal experience, the words summer camp bring back a flood of youthful memories. For most what is remembered is swimming in cool lakes, sitting around warm campfires, walking nature trails and making lifelong friends.

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For others the experience is remembered differently. It begins with a tearful goodbye as your parents disappear into the sunset. Then there is the top bunk (short-sheeted), the shared showers, the mosquitoes and other crawlies, and the red-headed bully with the hormone imbalance.

If you were not particularly athletic you might find yourself traded to another team—plus two really good players to make up for the supposed handicap.

If you were fortune you found a fast friend who shared some of your concerns about surviving the full term. You shared your stash of Tootsie Rolls and Fizzies, told forbidden jokes and shared your deepest secrets.

Summer camp has been the beginning of more than one lifelong friendship. For regular campers who returned to the same camp each year, this was especially true.

Films with summer camp themes, like 1979’s “Meatballs” starring Bill Murray, and 1993’s “Indian Summer,” remain popular reruns on television and as video rentals.

Texoma’s Summer Camps

Summer is long when the kids are bored and camp can not only keep them busy, but it can be a valuable social experience. On the other hand, the kids get an adventure, the parents get a break.

With something as big and wet and exciting as Lake Texoma, North Texas kids have a variety of choices when it comes to getting back to nature.

There are a number of high-quality camps to choose from on Lake Texoma. A few are exclusive to their affiliation, but most are open to the public. This list was first put together for summer 2009. It may not be current.

All Saints Camp
on Lake Texoma
(903) 786-3148

Camp James Ray/Boy Scouts of America
on Lake Texoma
(903) 786-2591

Camp Rocky Point/Girl Scouts of NE Texas
1124 Hanna Dr., Denison
(972) 349-2471

Straight Arrow Camp
on Lake Texoma
(469) 951-1758

Prothro Center
on Lake Texoma
(903) 786-2141

Grayson Baptist Association
on Lake Texoma
(903) 868-9361

Lake Texoma Baptist Resort
on Lake Texoma (Okla. side)
(580) 924-7919

Texoma Youth Camp
on Lake Texoma
(812) 228-5330

EDITOR’S NOTE: Texoma Living! does not portray this listing as complete. If a Texoma area summer camp has been omitted from this listing, please send information directly to and we will add the information to this website.

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