Summer Diversions

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This article appeared in the Summer 2007 issue of Texoma Living!.

Where to Go. What to Do.

If you don’t have your summer travel plans made by now, you’re slacking big time. The price you’ll pay is higher transportation and accommodations costs. Booking early pays big dividends. You can use those Internet travel websites and once in a while get some killer bargains. But a good travel agent can get you those same deals when given a little time and a lot of flexibility on your part. The small fee you pay to avoid the hassle is absolutely worth it, in our opinion.

Freelance writer Paula Bennett polled area travel agents for their personal recommendations on travel destinations. The agents’ selections are based on a number of factors including value and experience. Our Texoma Living! staff selections are based on not much more than daydreaming. Here are the results:

Our Travel Panel

Adventures in Travel
Judy Priddy, Manager
407 N. Main St. Ste 1
Bonham, Texas 75418
(903) 583-1144

Bryant Travel
Joy Bryant, Owner
419 W. Main St.
Denison, Texas 75020
(903) 624-1091

Major Getaways
Chris Berry, Owner
7319 W. FM 691
Denison, Texas 75020
(903) 786-4523

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