Soulful Confession

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Dear Editor,

I don’t really know if confession is good for the soul or not, but here’s mine—confession not soul that is.  From the first time I got my hands on Texoma Living! I have loved it.  And couldn’t wait for the next issue.  (In fact I place it in the same league as Texas Highways and Texas Monthly.)  And told myself that I need to tell those folks that they are doing a first class job.  And for some reason or another I couldn’t ever think to get that email off.  Not that I’m guilty of procrastination, mind you, but only of getting long in the tooth. I’m sure that getting a new magazine off the ground is a difficult task even in the best of times much less today, but I really feel you have the formula for success in hand.  Don’t change a thing.

Jas. P. McComas

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