100 Toy Soldiers Remembered

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“Your story about the mail order toy solider kits of my youth was a nostalgic treat. I actually had every one of those sets with the exception of the circus diorama. Thank you for bringing back these wonderful memories.

Robert Hansen
by email

“What 12 year old from the fifties didn’t have an ant farm? Or one that was breached by the ants? To find that the man responsible for the toy solider ads I remember was also the man behind the infamous Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm, was an unexpected payoff to the story.”

Edward Spencer
Kingston, OK

“Cool. Very cool. I can’t tell you how cool it was to see those colorful toy soldier ads from the comics I read and collected. I still have many of the original comics in my collection. I had no idea about the story of Milton Levine. Thank you!”

Jon Miller

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