Penny Raines

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This article appeared in the Summer 2008 issue of Texoma Living!.

Best Remembered

Penny Raines is remembered by friends and coworkers at Texoma Christian School as someone with a charming sense of humor who always kept things in perspective. Her children and grandchildren were the most important things in her life. “Her faith in God was the foundation in her life. She was a great friend, confidante, and mentor. She had so much to do with who I am today,” friend and co-worker Debbie Walston said.

Jeff Burley, the Head of School at TCS, remembered Penny. “She was a pillar for our lower school for so long. She had great relationships with the students, parents and staff members, and she provided a sense of stability. Penny went well beyond her job description to ensure the students were served well.

“She was as comfortable with a screwdriver in her hand as she was with a notepad. She always had a project going at home, and she did most of the work herself,” Kathy Thomas, who worked with Penny for 14 years, said. “She was also an example of someone with a great work ethic. Penny was a hands-on administrator and loved her students. She shared so many delightful stories with us about her family we all felt as if we knew them. Penny will be missed by all those who knew her.”

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