Little Houses

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This article appeared in the Summer 2008 issue of Texoma Living!.

Grant Martin didn’t come west from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in 1994 in a covered wagon as his Mennonite ancestors might have done, but he did bring Pennsylvania Dutch carpentry designs when he came to Grayson County. Martin and three of his sons opened Martin’s Woodcrafts, in Whitewright, Texas. They still work out of their Whitewright shop, but they have a display of their craftsmanship in Sherman, on the west side of the Sam’s Club parking lot. “We build cottages, small cabins, storage sheds, including golf cart storage sheds, furniture, bridges and gazebos. Gazebos are my main specialty,” said Martin. At the Sherman display, Martin also exhibits playhouses made by Escoto Outdoor Designs in Waco. “I started out building gazebos. My gazebo design comes from an Amish man in Lancaster County. When we moved to the area, there was a wide-open market for gazebos. It was a niche that wasn’t being filled, so we filled the niche.”

In an average year, the company produces 20 gazebos, sells about 25 playhouses and completes over 100 storage sheds. “For the gazebos and storage sheds, I have a standard model, but the buyer can customize it how they want. On the cabins, we have a base price, but they can lay it out how they’d like,” said Martin. “And with the cabins we can build them on site. The largest we’ve built was about 600 square feet.

“We enjoy building high quality work, and people enjoy our product. It’s a good living for my family. I love being in a family business because I work with my sons and work at our home. I wake up in the morning and walk to my shop. What more can you ask for?”

Grant Martin
Martin can be found on site in Sherman Fridays 1-5pm; Saturdays 10am- 3pm and by appointment.

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