No-Kill Animal Shelters

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Thank you for the no-kill shelter article. Articles like this one go a very long way in humane efforts and encouragement for animal activists. The photos are great!

Carol Spencer

City and county run animal shelters—the pound—don’t euthanize animals because they like it. They are doing the dirty work for people who get pets they get tired of, or who refuse to spay or neuter, and people who just dump animals without any thought at all. No-kill shelters like Arfhouse and the Texoma SPCA provide an alternative, but they need support from people who do give a damn about homeless animals.

Name Withheld by Request

Your story about the animal rescue shelters was well timed. After an especially hard winter there were lots of animals not able to fend for themselves. I have set a personal goal to buy and deliver to the Arfhouse a 100-pound sack of Sam’s Club dog food every month for the remainder of the year. That’s my commitment.

N. Palmer

Another Opinion

I get so sick of seeing that commercial on television about the poor dogs and cats. What about people? People are suffering and go without food and shelter. Animals are not people and do not deserve the same treatment as human beings. People who treat their pets like members of the family need a reality check! I like my dogs, but I don’t love my dogs. They are just animals that deserve good treatment, but they are just animals.

Name Withheld by Request

Editor: We received a lot of response to the cover story on animal sanctuaries. Most were positive, but there were enough like this last one to require that we print it as a representative sample of those who did not agree that it was a worthy story.

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