Apartment Development, Barometer of Growth?

It has been more than 10 years since the last apartment units were built. Now there are two major projects hitting the market. If you travel Travis Street (FM 131 South) you’ve seen Northside on Travis and The Bridges on Travis (previously named Knollwood Park) rise from the dirt. Northside on Travis opened the first of three phases in October of last year.

Dog’s Best Friend?

From time to time we hear about a “puppy mill” being closed down. One man arrested said, “You can’t take them. Them’s my money dogs!” Texoma Living! implores you to avoid buying curbside animals and make the trip to one of the area animal shelters, instead.

Apple Outpost

Grant Chapman, 27, is Bonham’s Johnny Appleseed, and he slices and dices and fixes Apple computers at his family’s store on Bonham’s Center Street. Grant, dad Bill and mom Margie, have been in Bonham just over a year, and they have built a good business around fixing PCs and Macs by mail order.

The Fireman’s Daughter

My dad, J.D. Bush, was a civilian firefighter, Crew Chief, at Perrin Air Force Base for 28 years. He retired when the base closed in 1971. I started to work for Chief Bill Palya in November 2001. When he told me that he was trying to get possession of the old fire station, I was thrilled.

B&B for Birds

While much of the wildlife of North Texas is slowing the pace of their activities in anticipation of the onset of winter, at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge along Lake Texoma and Big Mineral Creek, the waterfowl are about to reach the peak of their seasonal cycle.

Cher Ami and the Lost Battalion

Cher Ami was hit by German gunfire, but he made it through, arriving at his coop covered with blood and having lost an eye. His message received, the guns stopped the barrage, and the Lost Battalion was later relieved by American troops. The doctors patched the little bird up, even carved a tiny wooden leg to replace the one they had to amputate.

Thoroughbreds of the Sky

The word “thoroughbred” conjures up images of beautiful, sleek horses sprinting around a track before a crowd of thousands in the Kentucky Derby or the preakness. But there is another kind of thoroughbred, racing pigeons, who speed through the sky in famous international races such as the Mallee Classic and the South African Sun City Million Dollar Race, the premier race for the thoroughbreds of the sky.