Requiem for a Pork Rib

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When fire destroyed their Calera, Okla. restaurant “The Angus Pit Stop,” Glen and Diane Grote lost both their business and their home. The couple lived upstairs in a spacious apartment filled with family treasures and antiques. “The best we can figure out,” said Glen, “the fire started in the back, oddly enough not near one of the smoking and cooking pits.” The Grote’s cashed out a ranching business and in 2005 opened Angus Pit Stop. Asked if they expect to rebuild, Glen felt sure they would not try it again. “We thought having Choctaw Casino right up the road would be a boon to our business, but it just never developed.” Loyal customers can still get hand-cut steaks, tender ribs and melt-in-your-mouth brisket. The Grote’s have ramped up their catering business and it’s doing better than ever. For information call: (580) 920-9504.

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