Facebook Rejection

Almost daily I receive an invitation to join a social or business network. Ninety percent of the time I opt-in and take the few minutes to respond and connect. When I don’t respond I feel guilty. I feel compelled to check “yes” or “no.” But sometimes the note just lies on my desk (opened, read, not responded to) or I eat it (trash).

The Starbucks Indicator

Six months ago a Starbucks barista told me sales were down. “Even the 2 and 3 cup-a-day drinkers are coming in just once a day now,” he said. More recently, last week in fact, that same barista said things were picking up. If we have money for a $4 cup of coffee and a $3 scone, things must be getting better, according to The Starbucks Indicator.

Remembering Old Friends

I heard from an old friend recently. Herb Feemster is better known as Herb Fame, half of the Grammy Award winning singing duo, Peaches & Herb. The duo’s iconic love song, “Reunited,” reached the number one spot in April 1979 and remains one of radio’s Top 25 Most Played Love Songs of the past three decades.

Summer Camp

Depending on your own personal experience, the words summer camp bring back a flood of youthful memories. For most what is remembered is swimming in cool lakes, sitting around warm campfires, walking nature trails and making lifelong friends.

More Productive?

Some pundit on radio had the nerve to say that American workers must be more productive if we are going to get this nation back on its feet. Exactly what does that mean? I’m obviously clueless as to how much can actually be done in a typical 10-12 hour day. By the time I head home in the evening my mind is ready to explode. How about you?