More Productive?

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Do you know anyone who could be working harder? Excluding any teenagers in your home, who goes to work these days and has time to waste? Nobody I know.

Some pundit on radio had the nerve to say that American workers must be more productive if we are going to get this nation back on its feet. Exactly what does that mean? I’m obviously clueless as to how much can actually be done in a typical 10-12 hour day. By the time I head home in the evening my mind is ready to explode. How about you?

Over the past three decades companies have sliced and diced their employee rosters to eliminate mostly middle management. I spent less than a year working for a major corporation and the remainder of my career has been with small companies or as an independent businessman. So I will admit that I’ve have not personally experienced hallways of roaming mid-level executives trying to stay under the radar. My own experience has been with people pushing hard everyday just to get the day’s work accomplished. Of course I have worked alongside slackers, but they do not represent anything close to a majority.

Be more productive? Sure, we can cut back our sleep, time with our families, or eliminate play and relaxation all together. That might help boost productivity. Or we could stop reading rants on the Internet.

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