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Cackle & Oink BBQ

For my money, Cackle & Oink on Texoma Parkway in Sherman is the best sit-down BBQ place in the area. My opinion is that for BBQ at its best you can’t beat a top notch stand, joint, or shack. But when it comes to a comfortable place to sit and... Read More

Huck’s Catfish

John Payne began Huck’s almost twenty years ago in Pottsboro. From the start, Payne has served farm-raised channel catfish from the Mississippi Delta. He’s done business with some of his suppliers for two decades, so he know he can rely on... Read More

Smoky G’s BBQ

This article appeared in the May-June 2010 issue of Texoma Living! Magazine. Galen Gibson is a BBQ man. He was a technical type for TXU until he was laid off a few years ago. He turned to cooking when his wife urged him to do what he liked to do. Four... Read More