Huck’s Catfish

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John Payne began Huck’s almost twenty years ago in Pottsboro. From the start, Payne has served farm-raised channel catfish from the Mississippi Delta. He’s done business with some of his suppliers for two decades, so he know he can rely on the quality of their product.

The filets are breaded rather than battered, and the result is catfish that is flaky inside and out. A full order is four pieces so there is no going away hungry, and the filets are sweet and pure white. If you like your catfish crunchier and drier, tell ‘em to “burn it.” The tartar sauce and cocktail sauce that are made in Huck’s kitchen are as fresh as the hush puppies and coleslaw, and you can’t have catfish without hush puppies and coleslaw. It’s probably a law or something. A woman from Iowa had this to say about Huck’s on a restaurant review website. “This is the best place in northern Texas for catfish… and nearly the best place for chicken. Huck’s is on our “must stop” list whenever we visit this part of the country and it doesn’t disappoint.” The same site has notes written by folks from California to Chicago, and points in between saying pretty much the same thing. But hey, folks around Texoma have know that for years.

Huck’s Catfish
2811 S. Trail Drive
Denison TX 75020
Fri.-Sat. 11-9
Sun. 11-3

This “Texoma Business Review” appeared in the August 2010 issue of Texoma Living!.

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