Is Everyone Rich?

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These Letters to the Editor appeared in the Spring 2008 issue of Texoma Living!.

Do you think that everyone who reads your magazine is rich? You print lots of articles about expensive things like the champagne and oysters. (Winter ā€˜07) Do you think people around here eat like that? The only tuxedos I have seen are at weddings. You people need to get real about how people really live in Grayson Co. and write more things for the average person.

A Real Person in Sherman

Editor: Iā€™m sorry, could you repeat that? The bubbles from my Dom Perignon were drowning out your whining.

I want to thank you for your story on the Young Eagles Day at Grayson Co. Airport (Winter ā€˜07). My son Wyatt was one of the Cub Scouts who got to fly. He will probably never forget it. Thanks to all of the local private pilots who donated their time and planes.

Jeff Park, Cubmaster Pack 61, Pottsboro

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