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These “Letters to the Editor” appeared in the Summer 2008 issue of Texoma Living!.

I really enjoyed the Spring ‘08 issue. Especially since my grandson, Jeremy Lett, was in the Belk Fashion Preview.

Vista Lett

We Take Art to Heart

The Denison Arts Council thanks you again for your continued support of our programs in the coming year. Your generous contribution helps us provide arts education to the community and to benefit the council’s ongoing mission to “strengthen the cultural life of North Texas.”

Michael Williams
Denison Arts Council

Who knew?

Honestly, I had no idea how popular and well-read your magazine is. The story on my adventures in the restaurant business has brought me together with many old friends and customers who didn’t know I was doing yet another restaurant. I love to share my pie recipes and Texoma Living! gave me a way to reach thousands of readers. Thanks!

Sue Conrad
The Pie Lady
Conrad’s Pies & More

Editor: No single food feature to date has generated so many letters, calls and comments. Your friends and fans are legion. Thanks for choosing Texoma Living! to share your recipes with the public. Readers—if you have not been to for a while, check it out. Sue let us take a camera into her personal kitchen and you’ll find a video online with a demonstration of how to make the perfect pie crust.

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