Pump Up

Judges at bodybuilding competitions look for models with the most symmetry in their physique, for physical size, and for the least amount of body fat. To stay lean, Teamann diets for eight weeks prior to competitions, noting that, “It takes years to perfect the right diet for competitions.”

Joetta Cotton Makes Things Happen

In 1978, the Cottons moved to Chickasha, Oklahoma, Ronald’s home town. Joetta worked as a secretary in an oil field company. When the oil business went bust, she landed a job in the Chickasha Library as an administrative assistant and loved it. She took library science classes and completed a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and soon became the Library Director.

Breakfast Texas Style

If you have guests visiting over the summer, treat them to a breakfast loaded with Texas flavor! It’s the perfect way to greet the day for guests who might not be conversant with the glories of Lone Star cuisine. Preparing this easy, quick and delicious breakfast leaves time to visit with your guests and enjoy a warm spring morning.

Woodlake Park

Halfway between Denison and Sherman was Tanyard Springs, an area heavily wooded with elms, oaks and hickories and containing a flowing spring. It became a recreational destination to lure paying customers onto his interurban railway, the first in the state of Texas.

Old Mining Camp BBQ

At the Old Mining Camp, the brisket is smoked under a cloud of secrecy as carefully protected as the map to the mother lode. Owners Darrell and Rebecca Harris do not share their method of smoking or the kind of wood they use with anybody. This, they say, is the key to their success. Judging by the number of cars that pack the little stand’s parking lot most weekdays, they’re doing something right.

Smokey D’s

That is holy smoke you see rolling over the barbecue stand in Knollwood. Dale Bryant thanks the Lord for leading him to the smoked meat business, and business is booming at Smokey D’s Bar-B-Q in the little suburban community north of Sherman.