Reba’s 20th Anniversary Concert

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This article appeared in the Summer 2007 issue of Texoma Living!.


It was as much a homecoming as a concert for the Oklahoma-born singer/actor. Many in the audience knew about Reba’s accident and how she became a benefactor of Texoma Medical Center’s health care services.

Twenty years of concerts and other charitable events have building important facilities such as Reba’s Ranch House, the Reba McEntire Center for Rehabilitation and the TMC Reba Mobile Mammography Unit.

On May 27, Reba came back again to Texoma and took the stage to support what has become an example of what can happen when people give back.

In 1987, Reba began using her name, talents and relationships to produce an annual fundraiser that has put hundreds of thousands of dollars to good work.

Many people have been responsible for the success of the Texoma Medical Center Foundation. Reba, however, has been the spark that lights the fuse. At this year’s gala at Grayson County Airport, all was right with the world and the entire event came off without a hitch.

This year, the proceeds will go toward the construction of a new Reba’s Ranch House, a home away from home for the families of patients at the new Texoma Medical Center. The new TMC will be built at Hwy 75 and Hwy 691 in Denison over the next two years.

Texoma Living! was in attendance at the pre-show sponsor party and we captured the faces of a few of the people who helped make this year’s event a great success.

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