Pies! Oh, My!

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This article appeared in the Spring 2008 issue of Texoma Living!. Since that time Sue Conrad retired,battled and beat colon cancer, and is looking well. When asked recently (September 2010) the obvious question about her future in the restaurant business, she replied, “I have no plans to open another restaurant. Not right now, anyway.”

Editor’s Note: We set out to find particularly perfect pies. Homemade, not from a food service company, mixed and baked without the aid of a pre-mixed box of ingredients. We found more than we could eat…that is, test. While we no doubt have left off the list someone’s favorite, we think we did a good job of seeking out-of-the-ordinary examples representing a broad range of tastes, textures and types. Enjoy.

Catfish Haven
Hwy 377
Whitesboro TX 76273
(903) 564-3107

Carol’s Red Apron
124 Woods Street
Sherman TX 75090
(903) 868-1959

Lovejoy’s On Main
138 E. Main Street
Whitesboro TX 76273
(903) 564-3685

109 N. Woods Street
Sherman TX 75090
(903) 870-2034

Tracks and M.G.’s, both in Sherman, get their pie supply from Mom’s Bakery. It’s OK, she’s in the family.

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