Alaskan Adventure

Most people know Justin Maresh as one of the young waitstaff at Angela’s Cafe, or as a promising high school and college baseball player. I know him as “Boss Maresh of Ryan Hills.” The Grayson County College student is going away to camp this summer along with his buds Brent Eubank and Patrick Erwin.

Shannon Cain

“As our area becomes more suburbanized, I think it is important to present the natural history and heritage of our region so that we can stay connected with it. Artists have a unique opportunity to share and document that narrative for others. Art allows me the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and explore my experiences and memories gained there in a new way.”

It’ll Never Grow Here

Any seasoned gardener can give you a list of what won’t last long in Texomaland and tell you why, citing grasshoppers, spider mites, drought, flood, wind and hail, cold and heat, black soil, white soil, and the plain old rotten terrior in their own back yards. But who cares? For every delicate northern beauty they lament, I can show them a tough, sophisticated Texas charmer that will laugh at their fears.

Ergonomic Education

From the approaching drive off Gallagher Drive in Sherman, the complex looks like a series of pavilions linked one after another, each standing proud. Its elaborate composition may not be instantly meaningful to the passer-by, but upon touring the building one gains an understanding that this school, unlike many of its predecessors, has lofty intentions.

Memorable Tables

Our homes are the nests that we must keep warm and cozy for our families. As a mother, grandmother and wife, I consider it an honor to make our surroundings as beautiful as possible. Our homes seem to sparkle and take on new life during the holidays. Families come together in anticipation of the celebration—the excitement grows with each day.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Does Barbara Bush smell better than Barbra Streisand?

If you are an aficionado of new rose varieties, then you know that Streisand has the edge on scent.

It was the star herself who supervised the details as a rose was born. She tested a number of candidates and settled on a highly fragrant lavender hybrid tea as her namesake.