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Chance Dunlap

In 2008 when Chance Dunlap’s sculpture was featured in Texoma Living!, he was not long out of Sherman High School. Since then he has pursued his formal artistic training and education at Grayson County College and Southeastern Oklahoma State... Read More

Johana Hartjen

In 2009 Texoma Living! introduced photographic and mixed-media artist Johana Hartjen to our readers. Her work was an unusual mix of photography and collage. Shortly after her appearance in Texoma Living!, she returned to her native Mexico for an... Read More

Shannon Cain

Shannon Cain was the sleeper in Texoma Living’s first Art Issue. A virtually unknown sculptor at the time of his appearance in the Fall 2007 issue, he is now a familiar face in art circles in Texoma and beyond. Since then, the artist aka father, aka... Read More

2010 Art Issue

The third annual Texoma Living! Art Issue introduces our readers to a group of local artists whom, if you haven’t heard about already, you soon will. At least, that’s the consensus of our panel of experts, who selected them all as talents to... Read More

Don Durland

“I grew up with a fascination for collecting toys. When you look around, you find a lot of toy objects. I got to thinking about them as alive, and they were animate and they could talk and tell stories. I began to paint collections of them as... Read More

Kathy Sturch

For most people, a thistle is simply a weed, but Durant artist Kathy Sturch sees a story in the purple bloom of the simple plant. Everything she paints, whether in a floral, a landscape or a portrait, has a story that speaks to her. “There is beauty... Read More