Dr. Caskey Orthodontics

Dr. Jim Caskey

It doesn’t look like a medical office, outside or in. The building is set back off East Lamberth in a cluster of trees, and if given only a passing glance, it could be mistaken for a residence. Just inside the front door is the old waiting room. It looks like what it is, or perhaps “was,” as no one uses it much anymore.

Valiant Yachts

Susan and Marvin Watley were in the southern latitudes on a round-the-world cruise when the barometer started falling and the seas began to rise. Marvin was down, injured from a fall a few days before, and that left Susan to manage the ocean-sailing yacht alone.

Light Starch, High Tech

One. It’s the number of stars in the Texas flag. It’s the number of U.S. Presidents who have conducted the OU-Texas pre-game coin toss. And it’s the number of shirts lost by Texas Laundry in the last six months. For a business that handles upwards of 1,000 garments per day, the statistic is unbelievable.

Color Me Getting Better

Angela Lee, the Project Designer from HKS Inc., the architectural design firm that is creating the plans for the new TMC Medical Facility, believes that color is one of the most useful and powerful design tools she has. “People respond to different colors in different ways,” Lee says, “and these responses usually take place on a subconscious, emotional level.

Designed for Healing

In the time before the freeways, automobile travelers entered Sherman and Denison on city streets lined with tall trees and stately houses. Our city centers were marked by civic buildings, town squares, and church spires rising up out of park-like groves. This rich architectural heritage, coupled with our location among the rolling hills of the Cross Timbers, created a unique identity for the two towns.

Holland’s Logo

It is a quiet place hidden away in an office block off North Travis Street in Sherman, so the amount of rowdy school spirit that comes out of the place is surprising. Daron Holland owns Hollands Logo; as a native and lifelong resident of Sherman he bleeds maroon and white.

Little Horses

In my fantasy, I live on a large ranch. From the back porch I can survey the property. There are dozens of animals-mostly horses-trotting or running to and fro, Llamas patrol the fence line, and turtles wander towards the sparkling pond in the center of the stand of giant oaks. Off to the side there is a lush pasture of green grass – a favorite of my large herd of miniature horses.