Quilting Queens

Goldsmith and Jenkins are superstars in the world of quilts. “They call us the ‘cake girls’,” said Jenkins. “People know us because we’ve done a lot of TV. We can be in a crowded room and people will recognize our voices—from our DVDs.”

Lapping the Field

There is nothing special about the old metal building standing in quiet obscurity somewhere in Sherman. The building is the home of C&S Racing, but there is no sign outside, nothing to indicate that behind the plain walls and nondescript paint are some of the most famous and respected racing and sports cars ever to take a checkered flag.

Dr. Lisa Stokes

Dr. Lisa Stokes understands firsthand how important a smile can be. She is blessed and she knows it. Just mention her loving husband, two beautiful kids, and thriving orthodontics practice to see a radiant smile light up her face—a smile she is fortunate to have.

Where There’s Smoke….

The rattle of the alarm echoed across the area, signaling a chlorine leak from a storage tank at the large industrial plant in Grayson County. As the men encased in the special gear that gives them the look of moon-walking astronauts went about the very serious job of dealing with the problem, a company representative standing a safe distance from the scene remarked.

Dr. Aaron Cernero

Want to say goodbye to yo-yo dieting? Are you ready to take an active role in achieving your life-long, weight-loss goals? If you or someone you know is struggling with morbid obesity and suffering from its related health conditions, Sherman Lap-Band can help!

Victorian Tea Party

When Charlie and Gloria Morton purchased the Inn of Many Faces in 2001 from sisters Pat Gunter and Judy Johnson, they bought not only a beautifully restored and furnished Victorian home, but also a collection of faces scattered throughout the house. Many of the faces are carved in the lovely old pieces of furniture, not glaring out at you, but quietly waiting for you to find them.

Pond Boss

Bob Lusk of Gordonville wears two hats. One hat transforms him into the publisher/editor of a successful little magazine called Pond Boss. When he puts on the other hat he really is a pond boss, traveling the country designing and overseeing the construction, stocking and management of private lakes and recreational ponds. No matter which hat is on his head, Lusk’s passion for fish has brought him national recognition.