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Cowboy Radio

“With so much trauma and stress over our country’s situation, it’s nice to have a little happy, and you’ve got to be happy around goats and Western music,” said Waynetta Ausmus. “Goats will make you laugh, and Western music will make... Read More


Sarah Bilyeu, 16, and Chelsea Schock, 26, patrol the waters at Fairview Pool and Waterloo Pool. Fear the whistle. No splashing. No running. No diving in shallow end. A lifeguard’s work is never done. What does it take to keep your cool at the pool?... Read More

Interesting People

One of the things that set Texoma Living! apart is the inclusion in each issue of a long-form profile, usually three thousand words or more, on someone who brings something special to our community. From the beginning, the goal was to offer the reader... Read More

Coach Cody White

In the early 1960s, after seventy years on the sideline, the legendary football coach Amos Alonzo Stagg had retired and was living in Stockton, California. At the small home he shared with his wife, Stella, not far from the campus of the College of the... Read More