Marjoie Hass

Dr. Marjorie Hass: Two Sides of the Paper

“There is a passage in the Talmud that I think about a lot,” said Marjorie Hass. “It says that you should have a piece of paper that on one side says ‘I am but dust and ashes,’ and on the other side it says, ‘The whole world was created for my sake.’ The trick in life is to know when to turn the piece of paper over and look at the other side. Anytime you have a position that has this much responsibility and this much privilege, you have to live like that.”

Ask Me a Question

There was the curious ten-year-old who wanted to know, “How do snakes take baths?” and another patron who had to know about tides in South America. “It’s amazing the types of questions that people come up with—it really is,” says reference librarian Dixie Foster of the Denison, Texas city library.

Steve’s Bees

“I never intended to become a beekeeper, amateur or otherwise,” said Olner. “Helping a friend clear some property we cut down a good-sized tree and when it was on its side we noticed a bunch of bees swarming around a hole.” A chainsaw cut revealed at least 10 feet of bees and their honey.

Lisanne Anderson

“My alarm went off at 2:30 that morning, just like any other day. Actually, I got into work a little early, about 3:30. Nicole Holt, my co-anchor, came in, and I started putting together the show. I did the last cut-in [a five-minute local news break] at 8:55, and walked off the set. I never imagined it would be my last time on the air at Channel 12.”

Friday Night Lite

I remember as a child riding back to Bonham after following the Bonham Warriors to an out-of-town football game with my family. As we drove home, I would get on my knees in the back seat and look out the back window at the headlights of what seemed like a thousand cars strung out behind us in the night, all going home after the game.