Did you know that pumpkin pie originated when early Americans scooped out thick-walled pumpkins, filled them with milk, spices and honey, and baked them slowly in the ashes of a fire? I don’t know when I fell in love with pumpkins, those colorful globes, bright and round as beach balls.

Onion Pie

Did you know that the average person will lose five to seven pounds during the summer months without even trying? Why is that you may ask? There is a chemical in your brain that triggers hunger. When it is hot outside, especially as hot as it has been, that little chemical told your body to eat light, eat cool, and drink lots of water.

The Big Squeeze

The greatest thing about making your own fresh lemonade is that you are getting 100% pure fresh juice and the only fillers are water & sugar. Squeezing your own fruit extracts the juice from the pulp and the essential oils from the rind, so you are getting all the flavor and benefits!

Behind the Scene

When you open a magazine like Texoma Living! you expect to see vibrantly colored photographs of food perfectly prepared and beautifully presented. It is the job of the chef, the stylist and the photographer to make it seem all so delectable and effortless.

Striper Steps

As a chef, I like to zero in on the most abundant natural resources at my fingertips, so in this issue, doing something different with striper seemed perfect. After all, Lake Texoma is famous for striper fishing—why not spend the day with a fishing pro?