Wolfman Jack

Wolfman Jack was the star attraction on XERF. The “howlin’, prowlin’” Wolfman was as mysterious as he was raucous. He played “race” records—hard core r&b, blues and the breed of rock ‘n’ roll you wouldn’t hear on the Top 40 stations. Wolfman was best listened to in bed under the covers, after your parents had gone to sleep.

Hangers On

An estimated 3.5 billion wire hangers go into U.S. landfills every year, and they sit there for over a hundred years. That does not count the 1.25 million hangers in my closet at home. Leave it to American ingenuity to identify a problem and turn it into an advertising campaign. A New York company, EcoHanger®, is making a 100%-recyclable, biodegradable clothes hanger made of paper.

Photos by Anne Marie Shumate

Ten Thousand Words

In 1921 Fred R. Barnard in the advertising journal Printer’s Ink first coined the phrase “One Look is Worth A Thousand Words.” He later rephrased the ad headline to read, “One Picture is Worth Ten Thousand Words,” and credited it to an ancient Chinese proverb. The only thing ancient about the line was that he had made it up six years earlier. Regardless, I get his meaning.