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Justice of the Peach?

It was meant to be a simple gesture of New Year greetings to his constituents. But someone forgot to proof the ad (hum..sounds familiar). The substitution of an “h” for an “e” made for a humorous moment of Dogberryism. FOB is certain Judge... Read More

Hangers On

This article appeared in the Summer 2008 issue of Texoma Living!. An estimated 3.5 billion wire hangers go into U.S. landfills every year, and they sit there for over a hundred years. That does not count the 1.25 million hangers in my closet at home.... Read More

Ten Thousand Words

This article appeared in the Spring 2008 issue of Texoma Living!. In 1921 Fred R. Barnard in the advertising journal Printer’s Ink first coined the phrase “One Look is Worth A Thousand Words.” He later rephrased the ad headline to read, “One... Read More