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On Being a Cowboy

The Cowboy Culture as we know it has been defined as much by dime novels, movies, and television as any legitimate history book. The real cowboys of the 1800s and into the early 1900s were hardly as handsome or as musically talented as those actors... Read More

Redemption Stress

Ordinarily, I’m not a clock watcher. In fact, I abhor clock watchers. But yesterday I was focused to the point of distraction on a 2:00 pm deadline set by Starbucks. On the way to work I drove through for a venti two Splenda® latté and upon... Read More

Gadget Happy

Guys love gadgets. Batteries included, plug-in, crank, or solar-powered—it makes no nevermind. I suggest that the obsession goes back to the earliest days when Neanderthal dad and his Neanderthal son played with the first small animal trap. The... Read More