How To Balance

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This article appeared in the Winter 2007 issue of Texoma Living!.

You are irritable. Your blood pressure looks like a pro-bowler’s high score, and everyone is jumping up and down on your last nerve. Life gets tedious, don’t it?

Sherman-based therapist, author, and life coach Brent O’Bannon can provide wisdom to keep you from snapping like a pop star taking that third trip to rehab. “In 16 years as a professional counselor, what I’ve discovered is that burnout is rampant. Not just work burnout, there’s relationship burnout, spiritual burnout, volunteer burnout. We all need balance.” O’Bannon tries to provide some in his book “Balance Matters: 365 Life Balance Tips!” Try these tension-terminating tips.

Take this job and love it.

Want to increase your salary? Increase your education and training, present a professional image, and make yourself indispensable.

Balance is more than a beer in each hand.

Our brain is 85% water, our blood is 80% water, and lean muscle is 70% water. Most people are chronically dehydrated. You can get more energy, strength, and concentration by drinking more water, eight to ten glasses a day. Brent keeps a case of bottled water in his truck at all times.

Two are better than one.

Call someone to help you fix something at your house that you have neglected. Remember, asking for help is a sign of strength.

De-clutter, decorate, and design your bedroom for sleep and sex.

Don’t allow your bedroom to become an office, workout room, or storage closet. It should be an oasis associated with peace, pleasure, and privacy.

Talk back to the mirror.

Each night before you turn in, look at yourself in the mirror, and review aloud what you did that day you are proud of.


Fix or throw out anything that doesn’t work, like a spouse. Just kidding—wanted to make sure you were paying attention. Do get rid of old clothes, balance your checkbook, clean out the garage, the office, or the attic.

Exercise for life.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Do sit ups or push ups while watching television. For every hour of computer time, move briskly for five minutes.

Workouts aren’t just for the gym.

Do a Spiritual Workout. Read, meditate, pray, worship, and give.

Blessed are the balanced.

Trust God for power to live a balanced and healthy life. Repeat the saying, “I know there is a God. I’m not Him.”

Brent O’Bannon
Life Coach, Counselor, Author, Licensed Professional Counselor
115 S. Travis St., Ste 303
Sherman TX 75090
(903) 813-0723

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