Exploring Our Neighborhoods

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There are neighborhoods in Texoma’s towns where, if no modern automobiles intrude, a visitor could believe he was back in the the 1920s or 30s. In contrast, the growls of earthmovers drown out the birds around the new developments near US 75 and US 82. This dichotomy of old and new may be Texoma’s signature.

The purpose of Sherman Living! is to hold the balance between then and now, and add a touch of what’s coming.

Lee Hudgins’ family came to Grayson County five generations ago to start a new life; Dr. Sara Swamy came here from half way around the world for the same reason. The two principal features in this first issue of the magazine really are about the same thing. It is the continuing coming and going, the never ending push for something better, and the giving back more than one takes from the land.

There is something special about this place we call home. And that is why there will always be another person to meet, another story to tell, another adventure, another discovery, another tomorrow.

This article was first published in the first (and last) issue of Sherman Living! Texoma Living! was born with the next issue published in Spring 2007.

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