Dog’s Best Friend?

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The news report not long ago about the Pottsboro woman with a station wagon load of 22 small dogs is just the tip of the iceberg. At one point the woman asked authorities to at least return her “breeders.” Kudos to Justice of the Peace James Harris,  who awarded full-custody of the poor pups to the S.P.C.A. of Texas. From time to time we hear about a “puppy mill” being closed down. One man arrested said, “You can’t take them. Them’s my money dogs!” Texoma Living! implores you to avoid buying curbside animals and make the trip to one of the area animal shelters, instead. Both of the Texoma Living! mascots—Lilly, a pitbull-terrier mix and Zelda, a Japanese Shiba Inu-German Shepherd mix— are adopted rescues.

Sherman Animal Shelter
1800 E. Ida Rd.
Mon.-Fri. 10am-5pm; Sat. 10am-4pm
(903) 892-7255

Denison Animal Shelter
2500 W. Morton St.
Mon. & Tues.; Thur. & Fri. 8am-5pm
(903) 465-4714

Adoption fees may apply. See available pets online at

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