How to Host the Best Party Ever

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This article appeared in the Winter 2007 issue of Texoma Living!.

by Barbara Akin

When you invite good friends and provide great tasting food and cocktails, you create an ambiance that will naturally start conversations and provide entertainment. Also remember to set the right mood with the right music for your event.

Cocktails are a big part of the party. Have fun serving new & innovative cocktails or cocktails that match your party theme.

-Have fun with artistic garnishes—these are great conversation starters.
-Glass charms that go on the stem of a glass are great mementos for your guests to take home and help mark their glass.

Be careful not to make your party just about the cocktails.

-Be sure to have plenty of water on hand (both still and sparkling) so guests can keep hydrated
– Offer non-alcohol alternatives including sodas, punch and even non-alcohol beer and sparkling wine

Make sure to provide guests with nutritious and appealing foods. High protein/carbohydrate foods such as cheese & meat and breads & pastas are great. Avoid salty foods when possible and keep in mind that salt encourages people to drink more.

Start serving coffee and desserts at least an hour before your party is scheduled to end.

At the start of the party, make sure to ask each group who their designated driver is that will not be consuming alcohol that will get them home safely.

If any guest does overindulge, find them a ride, call a cab or let them crash on your couch. Do whatever is necessary to keep them from behind the wheel even if it means taking their keys.

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