Elaine Pendergrass

My Best Christmas

Looking back at all of my Christmases I see a theme, loving and sharing. That’s the gift mom gave to me. There’s always someone who needs something that you can give. Even if you have no money, you can share what you do have. It’s the love you give away that matters most.

Card Man Doug

The phone is ringing off the wall, comic book collectors are perusing the shelves of graphic novels, and two kids are rifling through a stack of football cards up front, in the constant bustle of the sports collectable business that surrounds Doug Coleman every day

Child Guidance Center

Help, Hope and Healing is what the Child and Family Guidance Center has tried to do ever since it was founded in 1966 by Mrs. Alma Howell, pediatricians Dr. Max Woodard and Dr. Don Freeman, and members of the Grayson County Mental Health Association.