Although Texoma Living! is no longer being published,

you can search every story, on every page, of every issue.


The last issue published was October 2010. The economic downturn caught up with us.

It took two years of work to move all of Texoma Living! Magazine’s nineteen issues to this final online resting place. There are over 2,000 pages available.

Cover art from Texoma Living! magazineTo search for a particular story or subject, just use the search box on the above right of the page. Put in name, a place, a subject and read to your heart’s delight.

On Reflection

As I update this addendum in Winter 2015, it is with great pride that I share the pages of Texoma Living!. As of this update, there have been 1,930,132 visits to our pages. That’s impressive for a local magazine, in a small community.

I also want to pay tribute to Edward Southerland. Edward’s words made up the best stories we published. It was his article on Lee Hudgins in issue #1 that convinced me it was worth the investment to continue to publish.

I never intended to put the Hudgins story on the cover. When photographer Anne Marie Shumate showed us the prints from her session with Mr. Hudgins, there was no question that it would be the first cover.

Many people don’t know the origin story of Texoma Living!. It was supposed to be a once-a-year magazine for the Sherman Chamber of Commerce —you may notice the name on the first cover as “Sherman Living!”.  It took four months to produce that issue. When the finished magazine arrived from the printer, we realized this is something special.

Publishing Texoma Living! fulfilled a dream for both Edward and me.

What a Picture is Worth

Anne Marine Shumate was our first contributing photographer. But Texoma Living!’s pages came alive thanks to the creativity of a short list of artists whose photos matched anything seen on the pages of the biggest and best magazines.

Words and pictures. The legacy of a grand experiment in big city publishing for a small community in North Texas.

Rarely a day goes by that I do not have the opportunity to reminisce about my time as publisher. I am convinced that in the end, my obit will lead with “former publisher of Texoma Living! Magazine.” I’m OK with that.